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Year 2011 Keyword in Japan: Queuing!!

Especially for the new openings, be it for a pack of takoyaki (en:octopus dumpling), a new video game, signing session of idol group,even a pachinko (en:parlors), some Japanese people are ready to queue! No matter how many hours it take, … Continue reading

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Light Note About Research and Industry in Japan

Japan Research Actual Condition Lately, after I finished my internship period in Chiyoda, somehow, it changed my frame of mind. Before I join that internship program, in somewhere in my head, I wanted to be a researcher, work in a … Continue reading

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7-eleven Seven Interesting Commercials

More than 40,000 convenience stores, known as konbini, can be found across Japan. Most of them are open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.Strong competition between the major operators, such as Seven Eleven, Lawson and Family Mart, constantly produces … Continue reading

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Internship@Chiyoda Corp, Yokohama

Chiyoda In the middle of Ramadhan (and also middle of summer) this year, to earn one credit in my university department, for 10 days, I have joined an internship program held by one of Japanese engineering giants CHIYODA CORPORATION, Japan. … Continue reading

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Prinsip 5S dalam Servis di Jepang dan Pengertian Servis Itu Sendiri

Bagi teman-teman yang sedang bekerja di Jepang, atau sedang belajar di Jepang, ataupun teman-teman di Indonesia yang akrab dengan motor terutama motor Suzuki, kemungkinan besar sudah tidak asing dengan 5 S, yaitu: 整理(Seiri: Bisa membedakan mana yang masih dibutuhkan/tidak dibutuhkan) … Continue reading

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Interesting Japanese Watch Commercials

To all of my wonderful visitors, I wish you a very Happy New Year 2010. May the new decade bring you health and all that you wish for! By the way, Recently, when I was wasting my time looking for … Continue reading

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Tokyo Tower Night View Photos

A couple days ago I and one friend of mine went to Tokyo tower. Fortunately, I went there for free, including the elevator fee, because my friend has some kind of invitation tickets. But I was a little bit sad … Continue reading

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Artikel Saya Dimuat di

Walau masih banyak kekurangan, alhamdulillah artikel saya yang sempat saya post beberapa waktu lalu masuk ke situs mekanika Rekan-rekan bisa membacanya langsung di TKP, yaitu di  S I N I. Silakan jika ada feedback.

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Cerpen: Surat Untuk Ibu

Ini adalah cerpen pertama saya yang saya tulis di Negeri Sakura. Alhamdulillah, Ramadhan lalu, cerpen ini mendapat juara kedua. Yang membuat saya harus mawas diri, ternyata tata-bahasa di cerpen ini mendapat nilai yang kurang begitu memuaskan, jadi mungkin para pembaca … Continue reading

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Takao-San (高尾山) Visit

Japan is being very densely populated especially in Tokyo, my city, so a trip to the big outdoors can be a real relief from this busy city. Mount Takao, a small but lovely mountain in western Tokyo can be one … Continue reading

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