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Rencana Penelitian

Akhirnya di semester kedua ini, dengan ditetapkannya jadwal presentasi di seminar internal lab, officially saya sudah harus mulai melakukan penelitian. Semester pertama lalu saya bukan tidak melakukan apa-apa. Di masa itu selain menyibukkan diri dengan mata kuliah yang seabrek, saya … Continue reading

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Awesome Google Instant Plotting Feature!

Again, our awesome Google add a new feature to the search engine. That is Instant Graphing functionality to search results which allows us to  plot numerous mathematical functions, right on’s search results page. Simply head over to and type in the function … Continue reading

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Process System Engineering

This time I would like to introduce my field of study, which called Process System Engineering. Process Systems Engineering (PSE) is a branch of Chemical Engineering which treats the way in which a complex system behaves as a whole. When … Continue reading

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About My Final Project: About Phase Transfer Catalysis Reaction

All boundaries is difficult to cross: political, legal, geographic boundaries, and also phase boundaries in chemical systems. Many desirable reactions cannot be brought about because the reactants are inaccessible to each other. One typical system is a system consists of … Continue reading

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Internship@Chiyoda Corp, Yokohama

Chiyoda In the middle of Ramadhan (and also middle of summer) this year, to earn one credit in my university department, for 10 days, I have joined an internship program held by one of Japanese engineering giants CHIYODA CORPORATION, Japan. … Continue reading

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Bertukar Pasangan? Sah-Sah Aja Kaleee )*

Mungkin di dunia nyata, bertukar pasangan adalah satu hal yang tabu, haram atau asusila. Tapi di dunia molekul? Apa salahnya? Di sini kita akan coba bahas bahwa tak hanya manusia yang bisa berdansa berpasang-pasangan. Molekul, pun bisa. Tak hanya itu, … Continue reading

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Algae for Biofuels?

One of my favorite noodle menus in my campus cafeteria is what is called kishimen, a flat and wide noodle thicker than udon, served with some katsuo bushi (dried, fermented, and smoked skipjack tuna), some agetoufu and seaweed. Among those … Continue reading

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