Internship@Chiyoda Corp, Yokohama


In the middle of Ramadhan (and also middle of summer) this year, to earn one credit in my university department, for 10 days, I have joined an internship program held by one of Japanese engineering giants CHIYODA CORPORATION, Japan. It’s an engineering consultancy which offers the complete range of process plant engineering and design solutions to both domestic & international clients in sectors critical to economic growth – Petroleum refining, Petrochemicals, Chemicals, Fertilizers, Oil & Gas and LNG & LPG. Actually many of Indonesian LNG and Petroleum Plants, was built by Chiyoda. Their main clients are petroleum and chemicals companies, so I’m not sure everyone knows about this company ^_^

I did my internship program located in Chiyoda’s head office in Tsurumi, Kanagawa Prefecture, about 30 minutes by from Tokyo downtown. And most of the time I worked at Chiyoda in the ‘Petroleum-Petrochemical Process Design Center’. I worked among many Process Engineers, one profession who I want to be sometime.


My training, as the good news, was somehow in accordance with my study in Tokyo Tech. Mainly there are 3 big assignments: Simulation plus optimization of a distillation column using Pro/II ( a process simulator software), then total head calculation of pumps, and the last assignments was distillation column’s tray rating.

The simulation isn’t really a new thing for me because I’m already quite familiar with HYSYS, one commercial process simulator. I also had to thank my lecturer in Tokyo Tech. Although I don’t really like the way he teach, his teaching had been useful for my internship first assignment. However, the rest two assignment were completely new thing for me. I just understand the Bernoulli Law, and Fanning Equations, and it need more than 1 workday (9:00~17:36) to get the meaning of the second assignment (about pump). And the same thing happened when the senpai (the real engineers worked there) gave me the tray rating assignment, which using the principle of vapor~liquid equilibrium. But thanks to the senpai, they have struggled to make me understand, even their explanation isn’t that good. And –alhamdulillah—All of the assignments (plus some additional assignment) have been accomplished on time.


Honestly, the people there aren’t really that good to me, but I just keep thinking positively. Perhaps they are in a busy period, or probably that is because I didn’t proactively greet and have a chat with them. But once, they invited me to a social gathering (懇親会) in an ethnic restaurant. I said ok because I thought it is a restaurant, not a bar or a drinking spot (居酒屋) so it’s ok for me, a muslim to join. But in practice, they drank beer and alcohol so much. I couldn’t count how many glasses they had ordered. They started mumbling about their bosses, about the project they are facing. At that time I just order some juice and squash, and I answer when they asked about myself, my country, and my religion. Only one thing I could take advantage from that gathering: On the next day, I felt to be admitted as one of them. Some of them talked to me as if I was their friend. Sigh.. Until now, I can’t say, my action to accept their invitation to that gathering is right or wrong.

But I still feel grateful

Overall, It was really good experience for me. I could enrich my understanding to many things: My major in the university, Chemical Engineering in Japan, and off course, Japanese people and their culture. I hope I could do one or two more internship program in another chemical engineering related companies, not only in Japan but also around the world. Bismillah ^^


About chemieingenieur

Let me introduce myself. My fullname is Baharuddin Maghfuri. I was born in 1988 in the city of Magelang, Indonesia. I spent my early childhood until my highschool in that peaceful small city. After that I study in Bandung Institute of Technology for just one semester. I hope you don’t think I dropped out. Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport and Technology of Japan gave me a big opportunity to study in undergraduate program in japan. And now, I live in Japan, studying Chemical Engineering in Tokyo Institute of Technology. I hope everything will be alright and I’ll complete the undergraduate degree in 2011, then just continue onto Master Degree with qualification Chemical Engineering. Most of my interests are related with my study, photography, pop music and computers: - Chemical engineering in undergraduate level, such as Stoichiometry, Thermodynamics, Transport Phenomena etc. - Studying languages – I am able to communicate in English, Japanese, Indonesian. Now I’m trying to learn Germany. - I love to spend my free time hang out with my friends from Indonesia and taking pictures. - The C Programming and other codings also makes me happy and of course blogging at time to time. But nowdays, beside doing my interests, Indonesian community here asked me to work with them in some volunteer activities. The followings are some of them. You might find my name in their sites. 1. Kammi Jepang 2. PMIJ 3. PPI Tokodai 4. KMII Jepang and so on.
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3 Responses to Internship@Chiyoda Corp, Yokohama

  1. Zae says:

    Chiyoda,mungkin br tau klo itu engineering company. Tapi untuk beberapa powerplant di Indonesia perusahaan2 engineering jepang jg ikut dapet tender. Welcome to EPC companies, a lot of challenges and interesting career but be careful.

    • chemieingenieur says:

      Yups… konon katanya plant di Arun, Cepu, dll itu bikinan joint venture antara Chiyoda, JGC, TEC, dengan perusahaan lokal.

      >Welcome to EPC companies, a lot of challenges and interesting career but be careful.

      I wonder what I should be careful of…?

  2. David says:

    May I know how can I apply for my internship(Chemical Engineering) over there? FYI, I am from Malaysia and I wish to do my internship at Japan. Is there any other company suitable and possible to be applied? Thanks

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