Awesome Google Instant Plotting Feature!

Again, our awesome Google add a new feature to the search engine. That is Instant Graphing functionality to search results which allows us to  plot numerous mathematical functions, right on’s search results page. Simply head over to and type in the function of your choice in the search box. Instantly, an interactive graph will pop up, complete with zoom buttons, pan options and the ability to see the x and y values for every single dot on the function’s line. This function is similar to what Wolfram Alpha website can do, but we cannot refuse the fact that Google is more familiar for us to use. Announced on its official blog, Google hopes that students and math lovers around the world would find the new functionality “magical” and bring back the fun in making graphs.

Now we don’t need to write down on graph paper as high school teachers always ask student do that at math class.

Let’s check some examples. Enter cos(pi*x) * x^2 in the google searching bar, and you will find: Continue reading

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Process System Engineering

This time I would like to introduce my field of study, which called Process System Engineering. Process Systems Engineering (PSE) is a branch of Chemical Engineering which treats the way in which a complex system behaves as a whole. When we deal with a complex system, for instance chemicals manufacture, we consider not only chemical reaction efficiency in the reactor, but we have to optimize all unit operations combined and linked each other within the system. PSE provides domain knowledge and mathematical and experimental techniques to predict the behavior of that kind of complex systems, and how to control and optimize them.

Some typical topics in process system engineering

During the early era of development of chemical engineering science, PSE mostly discuss Continue reading

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無茶で、計画性のない人生の歩み方であることはわかっている。でもこの一年間、時間的に余裕があっても、精神的に余裕はなかった。就職活動のとき、 Continue reading

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About My Final Project: About Phase Transfer Catalysis Reaction

All boundaries is difficult to cross: political, legal, geographic boundaries, and also phase boundaries in chemical systems. Many desirable reactions cannot be brought about because the reactants are inaccessible to each other. One typical system is a system consists of water soluble nucleophilic reagent and an organic water insoluble electrophilic reagent. To solve the problem of this system, traditionally both reagents are solved in water-like and organic-like solvent, such as ethanol which has both hydrophilic nature from its hydroxyl group and lipophilic nature from its ethyl group. But this method has a limitation that the reaction rate decreased due to the solvation of the nucleophile. The other method, such as using of expensive dipolar aprotic solvents like DMSO has been applied but proven to have disadvantages such as difficulty of the separation during post reaction recovery.

A feasible and industrially successful method to solve such system is the use of phase transfer agents, which Continue reading

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Light Note About Research and Industry in Japan

Japan Research Actual Condition

Lately, after I finished my internship period in Chiyoda, somehow, it changed my frame of mind. Before I join that internship program, in somewhere in my head, I wanted to be a researcher, work in a remote research center (but still in Japan). But during the internship, I know from seniors working at Chiyoda about  fact that many of research done by professors in universities, even in Japan, end up as archived research documents, without any follow up. I mean, there are only a few research topics would be applied in industry. If it’s about Indonesia, then I won’t deny for that. But We are talking about Japan, man!!!Furthermore, Continue reading

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7-eleven Seven Interesting Commercials

More than 40,000 convenience stores, known as konbini, can be found across Japan. Most of them are open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.Strong competition between the major operators, such as Seven Eleven, Lawson and Family Mart, constantly produces new innovative products and services and makes Japanese convenience stores truly convenient.

To me, seven eleven is the most accessible convenient store, because there is one shop on the ground floor of the building my classes always take place. Lately I found a channel which contains some old but interesting TV commercials of 7-eleven, Continue reading

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Internship@Chiyoda Corp, Yokohama


In the middle of Ramadhan (and also middle of summer) this year, to earn one credit in my university department, for 10 days, I have joined an internship program held by one of Japanese engineering giants CHIYODA CORPORATION, Japan. It’s an engineering consultancy which offers the complete range of process plant engineering and design solutions to both domestic & international clients in sectors critical to economic growth – Petroleum refining, Petrochemicals, Chemicals, Fertilizers, Oil & Gas and LNG & LPG. Actually many of Indonesian LNG and Petroleum Plants, was built by Chiyoda. Continue reading

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