Process System Engineering

This time I would like to introduce my field of study, which called Process System Engineering. Process Systems Engineering (PSE) is a branch of Chemical Engineering which treats the way in which a complex system behaves as a whole. When we deal with a complex system, for instance chemicals manufacture, we consider not only chemical reaction efficiency in the reactor, but we have to optimize all unit operations combined and linked each other within the system. PSE provides domain knowledge and mathematical and experimental techniques to predict the behavior of that kind of complex systems, and how to control and optimize them.

Some typical topics in process system engineering

During the early era of development of chemical engineering science, PSE mostly discuss about

  1. Process design and analysis
  2. Process control
  3. Process operation

However, as we deal with complex systems, the topics is not limited to area of chemicals manufacture. There are many process system engineering researchers who broaden their topics to environmental problems, and microreactors. What a PSE researchers do probably can be briefly described in this picture.


PSE in Japanese Universities

In Japan, PSE is developed mostly in chemicals related companies and universities which have Chemical Engineering Department. Companies, especially the big ones usually have manufacturing technology research center, as a part of R&D. However the results they produced are kept unpublished.  That is why there is a gap between what actually happens in the manufacturing floor and researches in universities.

There are many PSE related research groups (laboratory) in Japanese universities, and each of the have their own color and specialty. Some of them deals with process control (Kyoto Univ, Tokyo Inst. of Tech, TUAT), Life Cycle Assessment considered process design (Tokyo University), Biosystem related (Osaka Univ, but not chemical eng. dept), etc. Due to their specialty, at many occasions people from companies come and have a consultation to to them related to problems happens in the manufacturing scene. At this kind of occasions, cooperation between PSE researchers in Universities and in Universities built.


About chemieingenieur

Let me introduce myself. My fullname is Baharuddin Maghfuri. I was born in 1988 in the city of Magelang, Indonesia. I spent my early childhood until my highschool in that peaceful small city. After that I study in Bandung Institute of Technology for just one semester. I hope you don’t think I dropped out. Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport and Technology of Japan gave me a big opportunity to study in undergraduate program in japan. And now, I live in Japan, studying Chemical Engineering in Tokyo Institute of Technology. I hope everything will be alright and I’ll complete the undergraduate degree in 2011, then just continue onto Master Degree with qualification Chemical Engineering. Most of my interests are related with my study, photography, pop music and computers: - Chemical engineering in undergraduate level, such as Stoichiometry, Thermodynamics, Transport Phenomena etc. - Studying languages – I am able to communicate in English, Japanese, Indonesian. Now I’m trying to learn Germany. - I love to spend my free time hang out with my friends from Indonesia and taking pictures. - The C Programming and other codings also makes me happy and of course blogging at time to time. But nowdays, beside doing my interests, Indonesian community here asked me to work with them in some volunteer activities. The followings are some of them. You might find my name in their sites. 1. Kammi Jepang 2. PMIJ 3. PPI Tokodai 4. KMII Jepang and so on.
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