My First Sport Photographs

It’s often said that not the equipment but the photographer who makes the picture. So the most important thing for a photographer is keep learning to improve his skill and reflex. Until now, I’m concentrating only in portraits, scenery, flowers and other static object, but because I live in a society which love sport— Indonesian people in Titech love soccer, it is a must to learn how to make best shots of their actions.

Sport photography is not as easy as making pictures of flowers because the best moment sometimes occur in less than some millisecond. Basically it’s all about the photographer location and timing. We have to get as close to what we are shooting as we can. Even we generally will not be permitted on the playing field, we must get close as possible, then knowing where to position ourselves for the best action. After that, the important point is to get the timing. Each sport has predictable moments as well as the unpredictable ones. Photography is no different. We have to understand when will the predictable moments such as penalty kick, or corner kick in soccer, and we must anticipate the dramatic moments like the goal moments, heading moments etc. For this purpose, we have to prepare our camera with rapid shooting function.

As usual, my EOS 5D accompanied me. For this time, I used my own lens: Tamron 28-75mm F/2.8. Actually that combination is not so good equipments for shooting sport actions. Afterwards, I thought that I should had used EOS 40D because it’s censor speed, and (borrowing) telephoto zoom lens: Canon EF 70-200mm. Perhaps, next time I’ll use (and borrow from my friends) that equipments.

Sorry for keeping you waiting with boring explanation. So, here are some of my photos taken on Saturday October 6th 2009 in Titech Campus, Japan. The weather was so good, and I should thank God it helped me so much. I also should thank to Mr. Asril,  Mr. Sholihul Hadi, Mr Asri, and Mr. Angga because of their wonderful performance.

1. Asril for the ball

2. Mr. Sholihul

3. Asril Shooting

4. Asril protecting

5. The Performance of Mr. Angga

6. The Performance of Mr. Asri

7. And this last is just a bonus: PPI Tokodai FC group photograph

Sorry if you don’t get any satisfying information or pictures. If you don’t mind, please leave any comment.


About chemieingenieur

Let me introduce myself. My fullname is Baharuddin Maghfuri. I was born in 1988 in the city of Magelang, Indonesia. I spent my early childhood until my highschool in that peaceful small city. After that I study in Bandung Institute of Technology for just one semester. I hope you don’t think I dropped out. Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport and Technology of Japan gave me a big opportunity to study in undergraduate program in japan. And now, I live in Japan, studying Chemical Engineering in Tokyo Institute of Technology. I hope everything will be alright and I’ll complete the undergraduate degree in 2011, then just continue onto Master Degree with qualification Chemical Engineering. Most of my interests are related with my study, photography, pop music and computers: - Chemical engineering in undergraduate level, such as Stoichiometry, Thermodynamics, Transport Phenomena etc. - Studying languages – I am able to communicate in English, Japanese, Indonesian. Now I’m trying to learn Germany. - I love to spend my free time hang out with my friends from Indonesia and taking pictures. - The C Programming and other codings also makes me happy and of course blogging at time to time. But nowdays, beside doing my interests, Indonesian community here asked me to work with them in some volunteer activities. The followings are some of them. You might find my name in their sites. 1. Kammi Jepang 2. PMIJ 3. PPI Tokodai 4. KMII Jepang and so on.
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9 Responses to My First Sport Photographs

  1. mat-asri says:

    Waduh, foto team yang terakhir meni bagus pisan har : )

    Makasih pak lurah dah dukung kami kemarin..ditunggu videonya : )


    • chemieingenieur says:

      Sama-sama mas Asri, insyaAllah sy coba terus bikin best shots bwt ppi tokodai.

      Videonya di mas Reza. Ntar coba sy tagihkn.

  2. [Gm] says:

    For this purpose, we have to prepare our camera with rapid shooting function.”

    What do you mean by ‘rapid shooting function’? Do you mean take-several-photos-in-one-second function?

    I think photo number 3 is the best, but perhaps would be better if we shot it from another angle.

    As for photo number 6, it’s abysmal. It ruined my appetite. (I’m talking about the object, not the technique :D… )

    On a not-very-different subject… What’s the score? And when is the next one?


    • chemieingenieur says:

      Rapid Shooting = Continuous Shooting = 連写

      Thanks for the response. Perhaps the next time i would run along the field to get the most beautiful angle =)

      For the photo no.6….that’s “flying Asri” The wind was strong and Asri senpai is thin.

      Cheers :=)

      • [Gm] says:

        Exactly my point. Asri is not ‘interesting’ enough to be a picture’s Point of Interest. Well, unless you work for ‘Trubus’


        ps: you haven’t answer my last questions. Thx.

      • chemieingenieur says:

        I’m sorry….We was beaten by China team with score 1:0. This saturday is the next TISA Sport Fest….There are basketball, badminton, and pingpong.

  3. meriororen says:

    Oh ya, bah, sorry telat pisan minta izinnya..
    foto2 lw gw pake buat bikin Poster buat TISA, maap banget ya gak bilang2.. kemaren darurat soalnya.. kalo mo liat posternya di



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