Tokyo Tower Night View Photos

A couple days ago I and one friend of mine went to Tokyo tower. Fortunately, I went there for free, including the elevator fee, because my friend has some kind of invitation tickets. But I was a little bit sad because I couldn’t invite my other friends for that small trip.

For you who aren’t so familiar with Tokyo Tower, here’s some overview taken from wikipedia. Tokyo Tower (東京タワー, ) is a communications and observation tower located in Shiba Park, Minato, Tokyo, Japan. At 332.5 metres (1,091 ft), it is the tallest self-supporting steel structure in the world and the tallest artificial structure in Japan. The structure is an Eiffel Tower-inspired lattice tower that is painted white and international orange to comply with air safety regulations. For me, the interesting thing is that this tower was built in 33 Showa Year (1958), and the height was supposed to be 333 meters (rounding off from 332.5 =) ). Perhaps if it was built in 63 Showa Year (my birthyear: 1988) , the height must be 633 meters, and it would remain as the highest tower all the time. What a boring dream :=)

Anyway, I went there also with my wifelike beloved Canon EOS 5D, a borrowed EF 35mm F/1.4 glass, a tripod, and a shutter remote control. Fortunately, the sky was quite clear, and there were some cloud on the sky, and also some halo which indicated that the next day would be a shower (and it came true. The next day was a full day shower). Beside of that, my mood was so good because the illumination in Tokyo Tower has already begun, and I wondered how romantic it had been if I went with my girlfriend or somebody special , but unfortunately (??), my friend was a guy.

Have I kept you waiting??? Off course, and I’m so sorry =). Here’s some photos taken from the bottom of Tokyo Tower, from height of 160m, and from the highest floor: 250m. Enjoy this!!

  1. The Clear Sky and Its Sky-Crawler

  2. Mount Fuji, And The Sign of Rain

  3. “Small” Rainbow Bridge Odaiba and the Snake of Road

  4. The 大 Letter Intersection

  5. Tokyo Night View

  6. The Tower from The Bottom

  7. It Shows Is Strength

  8. My Favourite Angle

    If you have some advice, comments or any feedback, please feel free to leave a comment.

About chemieingenieur

Let me introduce myself. My fullname is Baharuddin Maghfuri. I was born in 1988 in the city of Magelang, Indonesia. I spent my early childhood until my highschool in that peaceful small city. After that I study in Bandung Institute of Technology for just one semester. I hope you don’t think I dropped out. Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport and Technology of Japan gave me a big opportunity to study in undergraduate program in japan. And now, I live in Japan, studying Chemical Engineering in Tokyo Institute of Technology. I hope everything will be alright and I’ll complete the undergraduate degree in 2011, then just continue onto Master Degree with qualification Chemical Engineering. Most of my interests are related with my study, photography, pop music and computers: - Chemical engineering in undergraduate level, such as Stoichiometry, Thermodynamics, Transport Phenomena etc. - Studying languages – I am able to communicate in English, Japanese, Indonesian. Now I’m trying to learn Germany. - I love to spend my free time hang out with my friends from Indonesia and taking pictures. - The C Programming and other codings also makes me happy and of course blogging at time to time. But nowdays, beside doing my interests, Indonesian community here asked me to work with them in some volunteer activities. The followings are some of them. You might find my name in their sites. 1. Kammi Jepang 2. PMIJ 3. PPI Tokodai 4. KMII Jepang and so on.
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12 Responses to Tokyo Tower Night View Photos

  1. owk says:

    wauw,,,pemandangannya..(yg nomor 5)….hasil sorotan istrimu (canonmu) bagus2,bah….

    ckckck…..*koq ada cicak?!

  2. belarusia says:

    bagus bah, jadi inget dulu nggak berani ke eifel mpe malem soalna cm sendirian,,bingung juga mau ngapain..padahal kan bagusna kalo malem ya..huhu

    • chemieingenieur says:

      Sebenernya malem siang ada bagusnya sendiri-sendiri kok bela…tergantung cara ngeshot kita. Kalo bicara susah-ngganya bikin foto, kyny lebih susah kalo malem.

      *Jadi iri nih, bela dah pernah ke Eiffel…
      Btw, bukannya di Prancis kalo malem jg aman?

  3. lumierre9 says:

    wah mantap foto2nya…sasuga 5d lah ya…kiss x2 rsnya jd ga ada apa2nya…hahaha…

  4. chemieingenieur says:

    Oh, ngga juga mas…sebenernya asal pake tripod, kamera pocket juga bisa bikin foto-foto ini.

    • [Gm] says:

      Naaahh, jadi bagaimana caranya bikin foto-foto begitu (malam, gelap) tanpa blitz (tapi warna bagus) dan tanpa tripod?

      Ada saran?


      • chemieingenieur says:

        Wah, mas Goio ni… bukannya udah lebih pro mas? Liat flickr photostreamnya keren-keren kok. Kyny kameranya high end ya..
        Kalo menurut sy, manfaatkan sekitar kita aja mas sbg gantinya tripod. Terus:
        1. Kalo mau foto orang atau foto fireworks, kita tinggiin iso, sampe sekitar 1000 (untuk kebanyakan pocket camera), letakkan kamera di atas barang ngga bergerak, set timer 2 detik, dan terakhir tekan shutter. Selanjutnya biarkan kamera bekerja sendiri. Tugas kita cuma menjaga agar kamera tak bergerak. Tapi kalau benar-benar ngga ada pengganti tripod, kita bisa tinggikan iso sampe 1600, tapi nantinya akan ada noise (bintik merah) di hasil jepretan.
        2. Untuk bikin foto pemandangan (spt foto tokyo tower sy), sekali lagi kalau ada pengganti tripod itu akan sangat membantu. Krn pemandangan itu ngga pergi ke mana-mana, kita bisa set ISO serendah-rendahnya, (dan berarti shutterr speed yg lama, bisa berpuluh-puluh detik). CUma harus hati-hati kalau fotonya dari dalem ruangan krn pantulan cahaya bisa ganggu hasil. Kalo sy, ujung lensa sy tempel di kaca.

        Maaf kalo cuma bisa share “common-sense” aja…

        Cheers :=)

      • [Gm] says:

        Ummm… kamera yang aku pake D40. Kalo menurut jajarannya nikon sih gak high-end lah… itu mah masih entry level :D… jelas masih di bawah kelas istri kamera mas Bahar :P… btw, ternyata kita beda ‘agama’ yah… *inget dulu temen pernah komen “Nikonian vs Canonian” 😀

        Aku baru 3 minggu megang kamera beginian, makanya lagi banyak cari kawan untuk belajar :D… ditunggu tips2 berikutnya 😀


  5. Achmad Syaiful Makmur says:

    mecha sughoi ja…. mada tokyo tawa noborimasendeshita T_T

  6. your friend says:


    pengen kamera nya dunk,har……….. (heeeeeeeee??????)


    kereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen pokoknya……….

    love japan………

    and love indonesia,too……


    • chemieingenieur says:

      Makasih udah mampir ke sini… situ sapa ya? kalo cuma “your friend” sih ga tau sy 🙂

      Love Indonesia too 🙂

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