Why Are Plants Green

I haven’t written on this blog since no one’s viewing my blog. Now I’m feeling that my writing sense is getting much worse than before. That’s why I wanna start with a simple topic, about the cause of plants color.

Before talking about plants, let’s begin our discussion from what makes things the color they are. Around us, in our homes, at work, in nature, in space , everywhere has a color, of some sort. The colour of anything we observe depends upon a few factors. Firstly – Everything is made up of electrons and atoms. How something will look when bathed in light, is governed by these atoms and electrons. Different materials, objects and items have a different make up of atoms and electrons. Any object, by its nature, will, when exposed to light, do one of the following to that light: (1) reflection and scattering, (2) absorption, (3) transmission (4)refraction

However, what happens when leaf surface is exposed to the sunlight or other white light? Certain molecules will absorb certain colors of light.  The light that isn’t absorbed is reflected, which is what our eyes see. Plants have a substance called chlorophyll in them. Large numbers of chlorophyll molecules acts as the antenna that actually harvest sunlight and start to convert it in to a useful form. Chlorophyll molecules absorb blue light and some red light.  The other colors are reflected resulting in the green color that we associate with plants.

That’s all for today!


About chemieingenieur

Let me introduce myself. My fullname is Baharuddin Maghfuri. I was born in 1988 in the city of Magelang, Indonesia. I spent my early childhood until my highschool in that peaceful small city. After that I study in Bandung Institute of Technology for just one semester. I hope you don’t think I dropped out. Ministry of Education, Culture, Sport and Technology of Japan gave me a big opportunity to study in undergraduate program in japan. And now, I live in Japan, studying Chemical Engineering in Tokyo Institute of Technology. I hope everything will be alright and I’ll complete the undergraduate degree in 2011, then just continue onto Master Degree with qualification Chemical Engineering. Most of my interests are related with my study, photography, pop music and computers: - Chemical engineering in undergraduate level, such as Stoichiometry, Thermodynamics, Transport Phenomena etc. - Studying languages – I am able to communicate in English, Japanese, Indonesian. Now I’m trying to learn Germany. - I love to spend my free time hang out with my friends from Indonesia and taking pictures. - The C Programming and other codings also makes me happy and of course blogging at time to time. But nowdays, beside doing my interests, Indonesian community here asked me to work with them in some volunteer activities. The followings are some of them. You might find my name in their sites. 1. Kammi Jepang 2. PMIJ 3. PPI Tokodai 4. KMII Jepang and so on.
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